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Follow Me on Pinterest!

As part of my Zazzle Print on Demand journey I was advised/encouraged to set up a Pinterest business account in order that I could share my products far and wide.  When I logged on to Pinterest it turned out that I already had an account which I had apparently set up six years ago although it wasn’t a business account.  I actually had a board entitled ‘Art Deco’ with one pin on it (a rather attractive wallpaper of an Art Deco inspired design).  I remember setting up an account on Pinterest as I felt the boards were like the ‘moodboards’ we used to create at Art College.  I think one of my favourite parts of every project in Art College was creating the moodboards.  I changed my account to a free business account and started pinning a mixture of my products and other exciting and tasteful pins that popped onto the screen in my ‘feed’.

Pinterest Business Account and the 1930s

A business account enables you to check ‘analytics’ so you can see which of your pins have been repinned, which are the most popular and which have been clicked through to a website.  I set up a number of different boards which linked to my products and also continued with my Art Deco board which is completely irrelevant but tasteful. I have filled it with beautiful art deco items: jewellery, ornaments, ceramics, furniture and I have created a sub-board for art deco houses.  I live in a 1930s art deco style house and it is an ambition of mine to fill it with authentic 1930s furniture and fixtures.  I love the 1930s (although I daresay I wouldn’t really have liked to have lived through those times) – I’d really like to be one of those people who occasionally pop up on television who live their life as thought they were living in a completely different decade.  Unfortunately my 1930s house had every original feature ripped out in the 1970s and it would be easier for me to turn it into a 1970s house.  Apart from a bakelite light switch in the garage and a piece of original picture rail (in the airing cupboard of all places) there are no 1930s fixtures left.

Follow My Lead

Anyway, back to Pinterest, where every day an exciting email arrives to tell me that someone has repinned my pins.  Then one day I got an even more exciting email to inform me that I had a follower – obviously a person of impeccable taste and discernment.  I logged on in anticipation and clicked on my profile which showed me a photo of my follower.  I did think it odd that my follower had chosen to be pictured in underwear in her photo and then I was horrified by her email address.  Still, every day presents a new learning opportunity and I now know how to block followers on Pinterest.  In case you need to know:

To block someone:

  1. From their profile, click the three-dot button
  2. Click Block, then confirm it

You will be relieved to know that I now have other followers, who as far as I can tell seem to be people with an interest in Art Deco.

Hopefully, all this pinning is generating a vast amount of interest (so that I can quit the day job, of course).  If you would like to follow me on pinterest,  see my pinterest boards…

© Michelle Le Grand

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