Software through the Ages and my Boss versus Paint is an amazing art software program and what’s more – it is free!  I was looking for a Photoshop type program when I stumbled across it.

It is similar in some ways to Paint which I first used at art college.  This was in the early ’90s so there weren’t that many computers in the college.  I loved Paint and did a representation of Cezanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire on it making great use of the spray can facility.  The college didn’t stretch to a colour printer so one of the other students took all our designs on a disk to a printer to get them printed out.  Unfortunately, he printed my Mont Sainte-Victoire with the image reversed which rather spoilt the effect. 

And my temper.

Cartoons and Desktop Publishing

Later on, when I had a job as a desktop publisher in a small engineering company I whiled away the time creating caricatures of the designers using Paint and uploaded them to their computers as their wallpaper.  Of course, they were highly entertained and amused by this. (Well that’s what they told me anyway.)

CorelDraw and Solitaire

We also used CorelDraw which was a fantastic program and I assume still is.  When not drawing cartoons I used to participate in the office Solitaire tournaments which lasted for days and would roll over to the next time that the boss went on a business trip.

Invention of the Mobile Phone

The best trait of our boss was that he was very proud of the cutting edge new technology he owned: a huge mobile phone.  He would invariably phone us from the car park to announce his imminent return to the office which would give us a four minute warning and enable us to clear the Solitaire games off our screens, put away books, remove our feet from the desks and generally look like we had been hard at work all the time he was away.

selective focus photography of black rotary phone
Photo by Pixabay on

Au Revoir

He always ended his telephone conversations with the word ‘Bonjour’.  (Honestly, this is all true – I’m not making any of this drivel up!) 

He also had a habit of shouting at me from the fire escape when I was across the road making my way to my car at 5.30pm.  Of course, I ignored him as shouting from the fire escape is just rude and bad form. 

In the end we had a parting of the ways citing irreconcilable differences on the subject of overtime.  (Him for it; me against.)

Working in France

I’ve heard that your boss is forbidden to contact you after 6.30pm in France.  I knew France must have some advantages.

Back to

So, back in this century, I have this wonderful program and, one day, I expect I will read the many help guides and tutorials on the internet, so I actually know how to work it, but so far, I have used it to remove the background from images and I’ve drawn some cartoons. 

It’s amazing how many hours of your life you can lose when you have some art software.

Now, I’m off to look for a graphics tablet while you can admire the real Mont Sainte-Victoire …


© Michelle Le Grand

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