Donkey Derby Sales


Sales going from Strength to Strength

My donkey merchandise has really taken off, and I’m having quite a lot of success with my Zazzle shops.  I’ve tried to make a range which appeals to people who like to see donkeys in their natural surroundings ie. laying on grass, and to those who like to see them superimposed on a neon background!

I have a stock of cute donkey photographs but it struck me that I may need more so I had a look on Pixabay where allegedly the photos can be downloaded for free and used as the contributors have waived their copyright and related image rights under Creative Commons deed .  However, I read a warning that you can’t guarantee that the person who uploaded the image is the legal ‘owner’ of the image so I’m not convinced on this subject.  Anyway, I looked at the photos of donkeys and NONE of them are as cute and appealing as the photos I took myself.

If you want photos of cute donkey foals, let’s face it,

there is really only one place to see them

and that’s in my Zazzle shop!

Business Model

Consequently, I’ve booked a holiday to the New Forest where I found my donkeys in their natural habitat and as a rule they seemed to be asleep looking angelic and acting like carrots wouldn’t melt in their mouth.  I’m going to purchase a new mirrorless camera so that I can get more high quality images on my travels. Mirrorless cameras are lightweight and so are ideal for taking on holiday…. but, hold on, maybe there is a slight flaw in my business plan.  The holiday is costing a couple of hundred pounds, the camera is costing hundreds more and I make an average of 35 pence on every greetings card sold.  So let’s just forget profit and work out how many years it will take me to break even!

Still – it’s just so much fun (and so much better than my office job!)


Check out my Zazzle shop, even if you don’t like donkeys, other images are available!

© Michelle Le Grand

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