Count Arthur Strong – a Work of Art


Went to the theatre the other week to see ‘Count Arthur Strong: Alive and Unplugged’.  Hilarious.  It was brilliant.  I cannot explain to you why Count Arthur Strong is so funny; it is inexplicable.

A member of my family, well, for argument’s sake, let’s call him my brother, introduced me to Count Arthur Strong.  He suggested that I should watch his new television show as apparently he had been listening to him on the radio for years but had neglected to mention it to me.  Naturally, I was highly resistant to this suggestion and watched the first ten minutes in total bafflement.  What could be funny about an irritable elderly man with touches of senility?  Then we got on to ‘two teas’ and that was it!  It was so funny.

During the ‘Doctor Two’ episode I think I ruptured something in my side from laughing.  I’ve never been the same since.  I had recorded the series on my digital TV recorder and we ended up watching the last episode of the first series every night for a week.  Again, do not ask me why – we just had to watch it repeatedly.  Then we watched the whole series straight over again.  You really have to watch each episode at least twice to pick up on all the characterisations and things you will have missed in the first watching.  The man behind Count Arthur Strong is a comic genius.



I had the first two TV series recorded on my digital TV recorder and we watched them often.  Then a terrible terrible tragedy struck.  The digital TV broke!  Can you imagine the horror  – a TV recorder with the first two series of Count Arthur on the hard drive and it wouldn’t work?  It would switch on for a split second cruelly giving a glimmer of hope and then automatically switch off and reboot on a constant loop.

It reminded me of these words from ‘The Great Gatsby’:

“The whole town is desolate. All the cars have the left rear wheel painted black as a mourning wreath, and there’s a persistent wail all night along the north shore.”
‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Well, we had to spend several miserable months attempting to watch sub-standard comedy until we realised we could buy the series on DVD.  When the postman knocked on the door it was as if a dark storm cloud moved away from my house and the sun broke in again (unfortunately reflecting straight into my bedroom window off the neighbour’s solar panels).

I still have the defunct TV recorder (see my blog on Clutter – well I haven’t written it yet; it’s still cluttering up my mind) so if anyone would like it to try to restore it to a working state (the TV recorder, not my mind) in order to watch Count Arthur Strong, please let me know.  I think it also has two Alan Ayckbourn plays on it.  And an episode of ‘Doctors’.

Alternatively, you could try to catch him on the radio, YouTube or buy one of his DVDs which are available on the Count Arthur Strong website 

Or go to see him on stage if you can get a ticket!

He really is a piece of work – no, sorry, I mean a work of art.  A masterpiece.


© Michelle Le Grand

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