This is Why you Should Cherish Your Clutter

Possession is 9/10ths of the law.  All property is theft.  It’s a matter of opinion.

De-cluttering is the new mantra.  If you de-clutter your home you will be happier, more successful, wealthier, you will sleep better, your career will prosper.


Where are The Books?

Whenever I visit a de-cluttered or minimal house I marvel at the space and the clean lines but then, as I look around, I think – where are their books? 

Where are their newspapers and magazines? 

Where are their memories and where is their personality?  Tidied away somewhere in their barren, sterile house. 

Books need to be displayed, handled, read and loved – not shut away in a cupboard.  Art needs to live on the walls.  Photos need to be on view. 

Our living space is a representation of ourselves.  If books, pictures, mementoes are important to you then display them with pride!

Clutter cartoon

Cables Tamed

I once spent five days researching the best way to tidy up cables.  The result of this endeavour is that now my hairdryer cables are coiled up in the cardboard inner tubes of kitchen roll. 

Has my life been immeasurably improved?


Does it look tidier and aesthetically pleasing?

Not really; it looks like a lot of cables stuffed into cardboard tubes.

Bags Folded

I also researched how to fold plastic bags and watched countless YouTube videos on the subject.  I am now an expert and whenever anyone comes around to visit and the conversation falters, I ask them if they know how to fold plastic bags and if the answer is ‘no’, I demonstrate and when they leave my house they are more knowledgeable and able to spread the skill.


But my clutter is still there; it just takes up less room.

Every Picture Tells a Story

One of the most beautiful and interesting houses I visit is crammed full of antiques and possessions passed down through the owner’s family.  Each item tells a story and the history of the person who owned it. 


This house is the epitome of clutter but it is a joyous place.  It is not just a living space – it is a home, full of colour and character.  Thank goodness the owner’s ancestors did not have access to Ebay.

closeup photo of assorted title books
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

I’m SO Sorry…

I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you but de-cluttering will not change your life. 

Whether you live knee deep in piles of paper and things that may be useful one day, or whether you live on a single chair marooned in the middle of a sea of pale laminate, your life will be exactly the same.

Rejoice and Be Proud!

So if you like to be surrounded by your possessions, don’t feel ashamed, don’t stop asking people around to visit; jump off the de-cluttering bandwagon and rejoice in your junk!

Open your cupboards and let your clutter run free!

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