This is an Update on the Bee Situation

Bees and the Sunshine

My bees swarmed on Tuesday in the sweltering heat.  When I came home from work the garden was full of bees flying around but fortunately they were quite high in the air so I was able to get safely indoors!

I found this article on Wikipedia about honey bee swarms and the behaviour of scout bees very interesting.  If you don’t want to read the whole article, in a nutshell, the scout bees go out to look for a new home and if they find a suitable site they return and ‘do a dance’ to convince other scout bees to check out the site.  If 80% of the scout bees agree on the same new site, then the swarm flies to it.  Fascinating and democratic!

beautiful beauty bee bloom
Photo by Lukas on

Anyway, I was on the lookout for the bees settling so that I could call a beekeeper to collect them, but they actually went to rest inside a hedge a few doors down.  No doubt now they have moved on to their new home and I wish them all the best!

Then, later that evening, I saw what looked like a huge moth fluttering around an old tree stump beyond the patio.  On further investigation it turns out if was a leafcutter bee dragging a leaf into the nest it has made inside the tree stump.

Leafcutter Bee

You guessed it – the leafcutter bee is almost (but not quite) as interesting as the honey bee.  You may know if you have some in your garden as they cut semi-circular patches of leaves out of your roses to line their nests.  They are valuable pollinators so let’s hope the bee stays around.

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