Which WordPress Theme to Choose?

There are so many free WordPress themes to choose from and each one seems to have pros and cons.

man wearing brown jacket and using grey laptop
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

The ones I have tested out are:


Altofocus is beautifully visually with a beautiful clean uncluttered look.  I eventually managed to get the Portfolio page to display by using some HTML code.  It has a gallery which I think I could have experimented with if only I had the time.  I found you needed to cursor over the blog image to see the title of the post and I wasn’t sure that I liked that as I think displaying a few lines of each post entices the reader to click and read on.


Cons: I tried Sketch as I wanted a visual portfolio page but the images I wanted to show were not a uniform size ie. some were portrait and some were landscape and I could only seem to toggle between ALL portrait, all landscape or all square.  The portfolio had to have a featured image to display so it didn’t display the images which I had obtained from embedding a link to a different website as I couldn’t set these as featured. Also, I didn’t particularly like the way the blog posts displayed in a continuous feed. (I’ve since discovered that there is a way to stop this so don’t let this feature put you off.)

Pros: I loved the sidebar with widgets and I loved the clean look and the menus.

Rebalance 2

Cons: I don’t like the widget area at the foot of the page as I don’t feel many people will scroll to the bottom.  It may be that it can be displayed on the side and I just don’t know how to set it up.  I don’t like the display of the category cloud particularly.  The top menu is aligned right on several lines, rather than stretching across the whole page and so takes up a lot of room. I really wish it would display across the full width.

Pros: The portfolio page displays just as I want it and invites people to click on the image when they hover over it.  Although I don’t think the way the titles display is as attractive as Sketch, I think Rebalance 2 is more practical.  I love the way the blog posts display, as they show an array of images with the first few lines of the blog in a magazine type layout.


Had a brief look at this but I didn’t really like the colour schemes.

Baskerville 2

My other blog ‘Out of the Office’ uses Baskerville 2 (at the time of writing!)  I like the sidebar on the post pages.  I like the top menu and the header image display.  I like the way the blog posts display in the manner of magazine columns.  However, the colour scheme seems quite dark.  The header surround is dark and I would prefer a white, bright look.

My WordPress Theme Wish

Give me

  • the header layout and top menu of Baskerville 2
  • the portfolio of Sketch but in a mix of landscape/portrait
  • the blog post display of Rebalance 2
  • and wrap all these up in the visual beauty of Altofocus with a minimal white background

If there is a theme like this, then someone please let me know!

All WordPress Themes

If I had the time I would like to go through all the wordpress themes and test them out with my content because when I page through the examples, they all look so inviting and beautiful.

man wearing black and white stripe shirt looking at white printer papers on the wall
Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

I probably could set up any of the themes above the way I want if I had the time to really understand the way they work but I’m currently back with Rebalance 2… although who knows – that Altofocus looks so inviting.

Which them do you use and why?  I would love to hear some recommendations!

© Michelle Le Grand





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