This is Without Doubt My Favourite Horse Poem

This is my favourite horse poem and it epitomises everything that riding means to me….

man riding horse on grass near mountains
Photo by Jaime Lacayo on

Riding Song

‘Let us ride together
Blowing mane and hair
Careless of the weather
Miles ahead of care.
Ring of hoof and snaffle
Swing of waist and hip
Trotting down the twisted road,
With the world let slip

Let us laugh together
Merry as of old
To the creak of leather
And the morning’s gold
Break into a canter
Shout to bank and tree
Rocking down the waking trail
Steady hand and knee

Take the life of cities!
Here’s the life for me
‘T’were a thousand pities
Not to gallop free
So we’ll ride together
Comrade, you and I
Careless of the weather
Letting care go by.’


(I have found this poem quoted as ‘Anonymous’ in several sources but I have also seen it attributed to Theodore Goodridge Roberts 1877 – 1953)

Let me know your favourite horse poems!

Michelle Le G @

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