My Brilliant Online Career

Online Sales career

or the Art of Profit and Loss

Two notable things happened today….


I made 38 pence commission on a sale from my Zazzle Store! Yay!


I had to pay the sum of £5000 as the final payment on my car.


In the words of Mr Micawber: MISERY

If you aren’t familiar with Mr Micawber, please read ‘David Copperfield’ by Charles Dickens now! 

You could click on this link and buy the book but please note in the unlikely event that you click on the link and decide to buy this book or buy anything else which you will probably only do if you live in the UK as the link directs you to the UK site, then I will possibly make the sum of £0.0001 pence as it is an affiliate link.  Then I will have made 38.0001 pence today!


To get back to the point, if you don’t know about Mr Micawber’s famous saying, please obtain a copy of ‘David Copperfield’ and stop reading blogs.

This would be a much more profitable use of your time!

© Michelle Le Grand

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