The Blog Graveyard (One Step Closer to Heaven)

Blog Cemetery

What happens to blogs when they die?

Some time ago I realised that one of my favourite bloggers hadn’t posted for a while.

How We First Met

When I very first started blogging I went to a LearnFunFacts blog party.  It was a last minute invite so I didn’t have much time to glam up and, being new to the neighbourhood, I didn’t know anyone so I was hanging around in the kitchen when I met this blogger.  We got chatting, as you do, and he gave me some valuable advice about how to link my Gravatar to my blog.

As I recall, it was a Sunday night, and I had to get up at some unearthly hour the next morning to go to the day job, so I fought my way through all the partygoers (they were a wild bunch) and thanked the host, Edmark, before leaving the party quite early. It was a great party and I met a lot of interesting people there. If you ever get the chance, and particularly if you are a new blogger, try to go to one of Edmark’s parties; you won’t regret it!

However, we had exchanged blogging details so I kept in touch with the other blogger from afar and admired his blog posts and his wit, humour and principles!

Blog Cemetery

But he hasn’t posted for a long time. He may have stopped blogging for a variety of reasons or he may have moved onto another blogging platform.

But he may be ill.

Or he may be dead.

And I will never know.

© Michelle Le Grand



  1. Hi, I’m glad that you found those blog parties useful. Anyway, I’ll continue to host those blog parties next year so don’t forget to check them out 🙂

    I feel sad everytime I see a blogger I follow not updating anymore for one reason or another. I’ve been following blogs since 2001 so I have seen many of them disappeared.

    But who knows… he may eventually update again. At one time, I had to stop blogging for a few months due to real life circumstances.

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    1. Thank you, Edmark. Adding a link to your blog party got me started on making connections with other bloggers which have been so valuable.

      Yes, that’s true – sometimes life gets in the way of blogging so there’s always hope!! Happy New Year to you.


  2. reminds me of a movie where the chick never knew that the dude she had a crush on had died.
    i think i shall write about that movie.

    sometimes its not even the lontime bloggers who make me sad cuz theyre not writing no more.
    but sometimes its those newbie bloggers whove closed shop already.
    i should be the last ti make that statement though, because ive closed 20+ blogs on WP.

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