7 Guaranteed Ways to Ruin an Art Deco House

Out Of The Office

Remove the picture rails

Not all art deco house have picture rails, but if your one does, you should keep them. The rooms will look much more elegant with them, it’s easier to wallpaper a room with picture rails and yes, you can hang your pictures from them!

At least this is one feature that is fairly easy to replace if you have to, although they won’t be original.

Install fitted carpets

I know the original wood flooring needs polishing and nurturing, but if you have covered the original flooring with carpet, then you need to get down on your hands and knees and rip that carpet up right now! The flooring may be cold underfoot but buy yourself some fluffy slippers – perhaps some with bunny rabbit ears.

I’ll let you buy a rug as well if you must.

Replace the original Crittal windows with UPVC

Yes, we…

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