Why I Think that This is Really a Lifestyle Blog

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

I saw a woman on television the other day who said she was a successful lifestyle blogger and I thought what on earth is a lifestyle blog really?

Is it about fashion or is it about food or is it about style or is it just about life?

Let’s Look at the Evidence

So in the best example of investigate journalism, I decided to do some in depth research.

I googled ‘What is a Lifestyle Blog?’ and clicked on the top three results.

The first website I clicked on promised me they would tell me how to write a lifestyle blog but then, within a few paragraphs, descended into a long involved affiliate advert for a webhost.

The second one actually admitted that they didn’t have a clue either and just thought it meant that you can write about ANYTHING which happens in your life.

So I didn’t really glean much from them despite the promises.

Disclaimer: this website and post may contain affiliate links for BlueHost, Zazzle, Society6, Shutterstock, WordPress and Grammarly and if you click on a link and purchase the item or any item on that website I may get a small commission (which will go towards my Art Deco house restoration fund!)

The next one said it means that you can write about the lifestyle you aspire to …. having great clothes, great hair, eating out at the best restaurants.

Well that’s me down to a tee! But, I don’t just aspire.. I actually have great clothes, great hair and I eat out all the time so I just have to share it with you all… SERIOUSLY!

Great Clothes!

Even as we speak, I’m just slouching around in some GREAT comfy grey fleecy lined trousers with an elasticated waist but I’m heading out soon and I’m planning to wear a little number by Marc Jacobs. I’m particularly favouring his Redux Grunge collection at the moment which I’ll probably match with my new Capucines handbag from good old Louis Vuitton. I have the pink mini one – it’s so sweet! So dinky! I’m also going to wear some jewellery from my favourite designer Catherine Best. You many not have heard of her but her jewellery is exquisite. I’m into white gold now having decided that yellow gold and rose gold is so over.

Embed from Getty Images

Dining Out

Well, this is easy … I’ll write about the meal I’m having tonight at a top restaurant where all the reality show celebrities hang out rubbing shoulders with the lifestyle bloggers. I’m going to drop in to one of my current favourite places to eat which is Marcus in Knightsbridge. I live in West London so this is local for me. (I just shudder at the thought of living out in the provinces!) I feel like fish tonight so I’ll probably order something like the Roasted Cod, Fennel Cream, Lovage Salsa Verde with Matelote Sauce. You can’t beat a good old Lovage Salsa Verde, can you? I might have a Gin and Tonic Granita for dessert. Or a custard tart.

I’ve just looked outside and it’s raining, and I really don’t want to get my Malono Blahniks’s wet. I suppose I could just put on my old Jimmy Choo’s instead but it’s really chucking it down. So, I’m cooking for myself tonight. It’s fishfingers and chips with a side of frozen peas. And a nice piece of brown bread and butter. And I might treat myself to a pickled onion. I’ll eat it off a tray on my lap while I’m watching my favourite soap opera.

My Beauty Lifestyle

I could write about my haircare regime which involves putting a lot of intensive conditioner on my hair and using a great hairdryer to get the cuticle of each individual strand to lay flat. Actually I normally get bored during the drying process so decide to read a book held in my left hand whilst holding the dryer in my right hand often resulting in a kind of frizz effect particularly on the right hand side of my head, strangely reminiscent of dry straw. And quite often a terrible pain in my right shoulder.

long hair woman
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

My Healthy Lifestyle

This could the lead on to a health item to explain how I alleviated the pain in my right shoulder. I could write about a trip to the health spa where I indulge in the best treatments. My favourite spa is Champneys which was established in 1925. They have several city spas as well as their hotel retreats. I need one of their deep tissue massages to release tension in the muscles which surround my overstretched shoulder joint. Or I could opt for the hot stone.

woman having massage health
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m actually too busy to go to Champneys this weekend as I have to do the shopping in Sainsburys on Saturday so I follow my mother’s alternative advice of putting a cabbage leaf on the affected joint and holding it in place with a crepe bandage overnight.

Boom! (Lifestyle phrase)

Yes, I certainly think I’ve got this lifestyle blogging niche cracked. There’s really nothing to it!

Be More Like Me

Oh, I’ve forgotten one vital part of lifestyle blogging which is to put lots of affiliate links in and make loads of money online so if you want to live a lifestyle like me (and quite frankly, who wouldn’t) you can follow my lead and buy these products:

Garnier Conditioner

Frizz-Ease Serum (if I could be bothered)

Revlon 1875W Frizz Control Lightweight iONIC Hair Dryer

Fleecy trousers with elasticated waistband

Savoy Cabbage (available at local greengrocer)

Crepe Bandage

Lap Tray with Bulldog Design

Book To Read Whilst Drying Hair

Tablet to Blog On

Webhost I would use if I wasn’t using a free WordPress blog

Bring It On

Apparently, when you’ve got a successful lifestyle blog like me, big brand names will contact you to offer you products to review so I’d like them to know that I am open to reviewing the following products:

  • Haircare
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Horses
  • Jewellery
  • Hairdryer stand so I can go hands free
  • Art Equipment
  • Luxury Penthouse Flats
  • Vacuum Cleaners (of course)

And if one of them would like to give me a new tablet or notepad with a keyboard that actually works properly without the cursor suddenly leaping up to the top of the screen or highlighting random sentences and deleting them while I’ve got one eye on Coronation Street, I’d be eternally grateful and so would all my lifestyle followers (or as I’m told they like to be known) My Tribe. (The word ‘tribe’ brings to mind, ‘Lord of the Flies’ which is rather worrying but so be it.)

And if someone would like me to write a guest post, I’ll try my best to fit it in, inbetween uploading my glossy lifestyle to Instagram.

Wow, I really don’t have a MINUTE to myself now that I’m a Lifestyle Blogger!

Ciao for Now Tribe.

PS Why not share this and increase the love!

Look – I’ve even got a lifestyle blogger signature now!!

Β© Michelle Le Grand






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