My Overwhelming Success with Amazon Associates Affiliate Scheme

woman raising arm

I think I’ve been chucked off it.

Quite often, I log onto Amazon Associates UK – it is but a simple few clicks – to check my earnings (£0). I get a nice little bar chart which tells me how many clicks I have received on my product links. It’s pretty much part of my daily routine.

The other day when I attempted to log in, nothing much happened and, after a while, I noticed the following message in small print at the top of the screen:

‘The email address/mobile number and password you are using are not connected to an Associates account.’

Disclaimer: this website and post may contain affiliate links for BlueHost, Zazzle, Society6, Shutterstock, WordPress and Grammarly and if you click on a link and purchase the item or any item on that website I may get a small commission (which will go towards my Art Deco house restoration fund!)

So there you have it. Removed without even so much as a by your leave. No email to inform me. No nothing!

I felt a bit annoyed for a few minutes….

And then I thought ……

What a relief!

I no longer have to bother writing posts and inserting a load of products that others don’t really want or need. I no longer have to write a post and think what products can I suddenly, I mean naturally, introduce as part of the text. No, I don’t have to do that anymore!

I don’t have to go onto Amazon and fiddle about clicking on Site Stripe or whatever it’s called. Unable to display Image and Text (something to do with security) I have to get a link for the image, go back to my blog draft, insert the custom HTML, then write the name of the product, go back to Amazon, get a text link, return to my blog and add it as a hyperlink.

Well, I did have to do that, but since they’ve chucked me off the programme I don’t have to bother any more!

Complete and utter bliss. I feel like running out into the garden and turning a few cartwheels or even throwing in a triple front somersault in the tuck position for good measure.

I’m Free!

I can just write and forget the advertising. Who needs it?

Return of the Native

Native adds can go back where they belong for all I care! never let me display them anyway.

Whatever they are.

Give It Up!

I can stop reading all those weird and wonderfully indecipherable blog posts about clicks and CPM and sales funnels and how I made a zillion dollars in ten minutes after starting my first blog whilst simultaneously bringing up triplets and cooking nourishing meals to feed the homeless every lunchtime.

A funnel is that big thing on a ship – let’s just leave it there!

Get a Job

What I’ll do instead, is go to work every day and they’ll pay me!

Surely that would be less effort than trying to earn money from affiliate marketing (??)

50 Ways to get a Job

Four Easy Steps to Discover the Job You Want

Oh NO!

girl wearing bunny onesie in despair with head in hands
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Unfortunately, I’ve just remembered that I’m still a member of Amazon Associates US (who haven’t checked my bar graph lately and haven’t realised my clicks are in the doldrums) so I’m still stuck on the affiliate marketing treadmill!

Perhaps I should follow my own advice and get ethical before I finally disappear down that sales funnel for good!

Thanks for reading my blog! Now can someone remind me where I left those triplets?

© Michelle Le Grand



  1. Ha! Several years ago, I got removed from a books for bloggers group without any notification. I was one of the original members, but my reviews got increasingly negative. (They were bad books, to be fair.) Anyway, I guess they thought that was bad advertising. Enjoy your writing (and new job ;))!

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