Book Review: Wrong Way Home by Isabelle Grey

They Say….

A cold case leads DI Grace Fisher on the hunt for the most dangerous killer of her career – but after twenty-five years, can she really be sure she will get to the truth?
Wrong Way Home is a Sunday Times Crime Book of The Month. Mari Hannah says it’s ‘a classy, satisfying read, superbly put together’ and Sarah Hilary calls Isabelle Grey’s books ‘compelling and compassionate’.

The same night a local hero saved two people from the burning Marineland resort in Southend, a young woman was raped and murdered minutes from the scene of the fire, the culmination of a series of brutal rapes in the town. The killer was never found.

Twenty-five years on, new DNA techniques have blown the cold case open. DI Grace Fisher relishes the prospect of finally catching the culprit, but when the evidence doesn’t point to one clear suspect, she must reconstruct the original investigation.

Grace finds her investigation shadowed by a young true-crime podcaster backed by veteran crime reporter Ivo Sweatman. Pressure mounts and she knows that a cold-blooded killer is slowly being backed into a corner, and that a cornered predator is often the most dangerous of all…

I Say…..

Wrong Way Home (D.I. Grace Fisher, #4)Wrong Way Home by Isabelle Grey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found the start of the book gripping, with a lot of promise. However, the middle section was completely predictable, obvious and written in quite a tedious style. When I reached the end of a chapter I wasn’t desperate to start the next. (Please note that reading Peter James has ruined my enjoyment of reading books that don’t quite match up!)

Then around page 300 the story suddenly became more exciting; there was some action which made me eager to read the end. I only wish this pace had been kept up throughout the story.

This is the first DI Grace Fisher book I have read but I didn’t particularly identify with the character. I think the book will be of particular interest to people who live in Essex as there is a lot of local information and description of Essex towns. I did find myself singing ‘Love is a Stranger’ by the Eurythmics as I walked up the street this morning so the book must have made some impression on me!

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Wrong Way Home by Isabelle Grey

Read it and see what you think!

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