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A baby cries, deafening earsplittingly frightening, growing higher, increasingly justified, knowing loving mothers never obey pathetically quiet refrains, so trying utmost velocity with xenotropic* youthful zeal.

This poem was inspired by The Snow Melts Somewhere who was inspired by Manja Mexi Moving

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* Yes, yes, I know there is a bit of poetic licence involved with ‘xenotropic’ but I liked the sound of it. (Well, you try writing one and see what you can do with the X!)

Baby Gifts

Β© Michelle Le Grand





  1. Ah! What a lovely thing to see that what we do ripples, and that you got to write your (first, I presume) alphabet poem as well, after me and Snow. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the link! I hope there will be many more, it’s such a fun thing to do it. And you make “xenotropic” sound like it’s totally a word. πŸ˜€ (Oh I checked – it IS a word!)

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