Why My Affiliate Days Are Numbered

Final Warning

I’m on a final warning …. following on from My Overwhelming Success with Amazon Associates UK site, I have now received an informative email from Amazon Associates US site.

Now, here’s where Amazon Associates US improves on the behaviour of Amazon Associates UK. At least the US have sent me an email whereas the UK didn’t bother to notify me. Well, they eventually did, but their email arrived about three weeks after they struck me off their program!

Amazon Associates US have sent me a very nice email. It starts with a cheerful ‘Hello’ and follows this up with the statement that they are ‘reaching out’ to me.

Disclaimer: this website and post may contain affiliate links for BlueHost, Zazzle, Society6, Shutterstock, WordPress and Grammarly and if you click on a link and purchase the item or any item on that website I may get a small commission (which will go towards my Art Deco house restoration fund!)


They are reaching out to me because I am a dismal failure! Despite all the hours I spend inserting links to various desirable products and, despite the fact that quite a lot of people seem to click on the links, judging by the Earnings Overview Reports, I am a failure. Perhaps they count me searching for product links as clicks in this figure.

Sadly there are clicks but no orders! Lots of tries – but no conversions. Now I know how a rugby player feels.

So I have 90 days to pull my


up, knuckle down to the


in hand, throw caution to the


and then it will be full


ahead to certain affiliate success and riches!

Last Chance

So I have written a last chance review of one of my favourite products, a SmartShake health drinks shaker, and all my affiliate hopes and dreams rest on its narrow shoulders.

Looking on the Bright Side

On a more optimistic note, in 90 days time, I can write a great eBook called ‘How to Fail at Affiliate Marketing’ and make a


But beware the


is ticking and there’s now only 87 days left to rectify this sorry situation!

The Proof is in the Purchase

Or is it in the


I could go on like this for a while but it is rather wearing for all concerned.

Where There’s Affiliation, There’s Hope

superhero child cape
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

Is there a glimmer of hope in the distance?

I have another email in my Inbox from Grammarly!

It says I have been accepted on the Grammarly Affiliate Program!

To be honest, Grammarly is much more up my street and deals with a subject much closer to my heart than Amazon.

So it’s off with the old, and onto a strictly grammatical profitable partnership.

If you are interested in becoming a Grammarly affiliate, and emulating my runaway success, just click here.

Why not try Grammarly for yourself and find out?

You know it makes sense.

Happy Blogging!


© Michelle Le Grand






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