Oh, The Lovely Books 2000 – 2004

More and more wonderful books to try ……..

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If you’re looking for a good book, you might want to try one of these!


A Restless EvilAnnGranger
Blackberry WineJoanneHarris
The Human BrainSusanGreenfield
Death’s Jest-BookReginaldHill
Ten Steps to HappinessDaisyWaugh
This is Not a NovelJenniferJohnston
All Bones and LiesAnnFine
A Place of HidingElizabethGeorge
Elizabeth and Her German GardenElizabethvon Arnim
Watching OutAnnGranger
Disturbing GroundPriscillaMasters
Home from HomeCarolSmith
Mourn Not Your DeadDeborahCrombie
Towers of SilenceCathStaincliffe
The Cry of the OwlPatriciaHighsmith
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-timeMarkHaddon
Stone Cold Red HotCathStaincliffe
Out on a LimbSueLimb
The Long KillReginaldHill
Knots & CrossesIanRankin
The Black BookIanRankin
Let It BleedIanRankin
Black and BlueIanRankin
Beggars BanquetIanRankin
The New You Survival KitDaisyWaugh
The Hanging GardenIanRankin
Strip JackIanRankin
A Question of BloodIanRankin
Killing the LawyersReginaldHill
Dead SoulsIanRankin
The Amateur MarriageAnneTyler
Witch HuntJack Harvey
The Full Cupboard of LifeAlexanderMcCall Smith
Endangering InnocentsPriscillaMasters
Portuguese Irregular VerbsAlexanderMcCall Smith
Hide and SeekIanRankin
The RottweilerRuthRendell
The Finer Points of Sausage DogsAlexanderMcCall Smith
Morality for Beautiful GirlsAlexanderMcCall Smith
In a True LightJohnHarvey
The Kalahari Typing School for MenAlexanderMcCall Smith
Want to Play?PJTracy
Mortal CausesIanRankin
At the Villa of Reduced CircumstancesAlexanderMcCall Smith
Olivia Joules and the Overactive ImaginationHelenFielding


Dream OnAntheaCohen
Grandmother’s FootstepsCarolSmith
Scaring CrowsPriscillaMasters
The BachelorsMurielSpark
Brother of the More Famous JackBarbaraTrapido
In Cold DomainAnneFine
Sadler’s BirthdayRoseTremain
A Wreath for my SisterPriscillaMasters
Night VisitPriscillaMasters
Embroidering ShroudsPriscillaMasters
I Capture the CastleDodieSmith
Dead FamousBenElton
For Esme with Love and SqualorJDSalinger
Hotel WorldAliSmith
Noah’s ArkBarbaraTrapido
Milking ItGeorginaWroe
The Bluebird CaféRebeccaSmith
High SocietyBenElton
The Long Close CallJ WallisMartin
The Great GatsbyF ScottFitzgerald
The Babes in the WoodRuthRendell
The Woman Who Rode AwayDHLawrence
Holy FoolsJoanneHarris
Tulip FeverDeborahMoggach
To Love and Be WiseJosephineTey
The Blood DoctorBarbaraVine
Number TenSueTownsend


The Peppered MothMargaretDrabble
Shades of MurderAnnGranger
A Killing KindnessReginaldHill
Ruling PassionReginaldHill
Adam and Eve and Pinch MeRuthRendell
The Only GameReginaldHill
Devil’s WorkMargaretYorke
The Edge of the CloudKMPeyton
Flambards in SummerKMPeyton
Flambards DividedKMPeyton
Rhode Island BluesFayWeldon
The Bulgari ConnectionFayWeldon
A Pinch of SnuffReginaldHill
Mr BigJoyceHolms
Billy ElliottMelvinBurgess
The 31st of FebruaryJulianSymonds
Out of ReachElizabethMcGregor
Dialogues of the DeadReginaldHill
The Shape of SnakesMinetteWalters
The Wrong HouseElizabethMcGregor
The Fourth SuspectBettyRowlands
Second SightElizabethMcGregor
Where or WhenAnitaShreve
The Murders of Mrs Austin and Mrs BealeJillMcGown
Ruined CityNevilShute
Pied PiperNevilShute
Stephen MorrisNevilShute
Lilies that FesterHazelHolt
Five Quarters of the OrangeJoanneHarris
Back When We Were Grown-UpsAnneTyler
The Travelling HornplayerBarbaraTrapido
Ruffian on the StairNinaBawden
Requiem for a WrenNevilShute
Dead and BuriedHazelHolt
Some by FireStuartPawson
Killing HelenSarahChallis
Bitter EndJoyceHolms
The Gingerbread WomanJenniferJohnston
Two MoonsJenniferJohnston
White Meat and Traffic LightsGeorginaWroe
Killing Me SoftlyNikkiFrench
Bachelors AnonymousPGWodehouse
Lord Peter Views the BodyDorothy LSayers
Unfinished BusinessCarolSmith
In the Teeth of the EvidenceDorothy LSayers
Risking It AllAnnGranger
Striding FollyDorothy LSayers


Help the Poor StrugglerMarthaGrimes
Cutting EdgeJohnHarvey
The End of the AffairGrahamGreene
Winter FrostRDWingfield
Wycliffe and the SchoolgirlsWJBurley
The Judas SheepStuartPawson
Still WaterJohnHarvey
Thrones, DominationsDorothy LSayers & Jill Paton Walshe
Last RitesJohnHarvey
The Wood BeyondReginaldHill
Now’s the TimeJohnHarvey
Dying to ScoreJudithCutler
Pictures of PerfectionReginaldHill
On Beulah HeightReginaldHill
Rough TreatmentJohnHarvey
PygmalionGeorge BernardShaw
Under WorldReginaldHill
Recalled to LifeReginaldHill
Dying by DegressJudithCutler
The Salton KillingsSallySpencer
Off MinorJohnHarvey
Death of a DormouseReginaldHill
The Mushroom ManStuartPawson
Asking for the MoonReginaldHill
A Clubbable WomanReginaldHill
Watson’s ApologyBerylBainbridge
The Serpentine CaveJillPaton Walshe
Put Out More FlagsEvelynWaugh
Felicia’s JourneyWilliamTrevor
Celestial NavigationAnneTyler
The Chimney Sweeper’s BoyBarbaraVine
Fatal LegacyElizabethCorley
A Celibate SeasonCarolShields & Blanche Howard
Swimming Pool SundayMadeleineWickham
Goldengrove UnleavingJillPaton Walshe
Three Men in A BoatJerome KJerome
The Man at the WindowBettyRowlands
Family ReunionCarolSmith
The Hand of DeathMargaretYorke
Arms and the WomenReginaldHill
Telling LiddyAnneFine
Trotter’s BottomTanyaJones
LoveElizabethvon Arnim
A Slipping Down LifeAnneTyler
Once Too OftenDorothySimpson
A School for LoversJillPaton Walshe
The Adventures of Elizabeth in RugenElizabethvon Arnim
Death in Holy OrdersPDJames
Thin IceJoyceHolms
Original SinPDJames
Bad VibesJoyceHolms
Exit LinesReginaldHill
Dinner at the Homesick RestaurantAnneTyler
An April ShroudReginaldHill
The Boy who Followed RipleyPatriciaHighsmith
An Advancement of LearningReginaldHill
Period PieceGwenRaverat
Fell of DarkReginaldHill
A Traitor to MemoryElizabethGeorge


Adrian Mole: The Cappuchino YearsSueTownsend
A Place of SafetyCarolineGraham
The Remorseful DayColinDexter
A Sight for Sore EyesRuthRendell
The Blush and Other StoriesElizabethTaylor
Goodbye Nanny GrayStaynes & Storey
Inspector Proby’s ChristmasJonathanGano
If Morning Ever ComesAnneTyler
The Republic of LoveCarolShields
The Pilot’s WifeAnitaShreve
A Season for MurderAnnGranger
A Pure Clear LightMadeleineSt. John
Death of a CadMCBeaton
A New Lease of DeathRuthRendell
An Unkindness of RavensRuthRendell
The Tree of HandsRuthRendell
Silent WitnessNigelMcCredy
Elizabeth and Her German GardenElizabethvon Arnim
Death of a PranksterMCBeaton
Death of a SnobMCBeaton
In Pursuit of the Proper SinnerElizabethGeorge
Leave it To PsmithPGWodehouse
Death of a GossipMCBeaton
Star StruckValMcDermid
Straight, Bent and Barbara VineGarryDisher
Deadly LegacyBettyRowlands
Dreaming of the BonesDeborahCrombie
The Cherry PickersBettyRowlands
Friends and RelationsMargaretBacon
A Timely DeathJanetNeel
Growing RichFayWeldon
The Wimbledon PoisonerNigelWilliams
Beneath These StonesAnnGranger
Angel in AutumnAntheaCohen
The Shell HouseJaneThynne
Oxford BlueVeronicaStallwood
Dying on PrincipleJudithCutler
Exhaustive EnquiriesBettyRowlands
Dying for MillionsJudithCutler
Witch WeekDianaWynne Jones
Dying for PowerJudithCutler
A Share in DeathDeborahCrombie
Master GeorgeBerylBainbridge
Mourn Not Your DeadDeborahCrombie
Wild HorsesDickFrancis
Oxford ExitVeronicaStallwood
Kissed a Sad GoodbyeDeborahCrombie
Smiling at DeathBettyRowlands
The Rainbow SignVeronicaStallwood
A Little Gentle SleuthingBettyRowlands
The Evidence ExposedElizabethGeorge
Last ReminderStuartPawson
The Picasso ScamStuartPawson
The French RevolutionChristopherHibbert
Some by FireStuartPawson
The Dying LightAlisonJoseph
Running ScaredAnnGranger
The Lives of Christopher ChantDianaWynne Jones
Kingdom GoneFrankLean
Charmed LifeDianaWynne Jones
The Magicians of CapronaDianaWynne Jones
The End of the PierMarthaGrimes
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