‘A Christmas Carol’ BBC Adaptation with Guy Pearce

Great Expectations

I had such great expectations of this new adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’. I whiled away the preceding hour by watching showjumping from Olympia which included the dog agility finals (small dog). This was thoroughly entertaining and the speed of the dogs was amazing to watch. I think the class was won by a cross bred rescue dog (corgi/collie).

As 9 o’clock approached I settled down in my armchair with a festive bag of brussel sprouts flavoured crisps and switched over to BBC1.

The first scene showed a boy urinating on Marley’s gravestone. The urine drips onto Marley’s face as he’s lying in his coffin below. The lights on my Christmas tree seemed to flicker.

We then switched to a scene of Guy Pearce playing Scrooge speaking in a strange attempt at a Cockney accent with strong Australian undertones.

Bob Cratchit appeared to be about 25 years old so I’m not sure he was old enough to have Martha Cratchit as a daughter.

I couldn’t quite follow the dialogue as I was reeling with disappointment at this festive offering.

Mr Scrooge then appeared to be suffering from some form of OCD and kept repeating numbers in a very irritating fashion.

We then followed Marley out of his coffin and into a red, flaming depiction of hell. A devilish character was just informing Marley that it wasn’t actually hell and that’s when I decided enough is enough and reached for the off button. I wasn’t going to waste another two and a half hours watching this tripe.

As it is, that’s 25 minutes of my life, I’ll never get back.

Alastair Sim

Give me the 1951 Alastair Sim version anytime. Or give me ANY other version but not this!

My only hopes of Christmas entertainment now rest on ‘Gavin and Stacey’.


  1. Living here in America I have no idea what you are writing here but it sounds horrible and you are right it was a waste of time to watch that. I have noticed horrible shows here in America as well and I will be half way through them and then I also change the channel. I thought I was the only one that did that and just thought maybe I was being too picky but I guess it is happening all over the world.

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