How to Get More Likes on Your Blog

It’s Easy!

Just had to share this quick and pointless piece of information which I just found out by writing a post on my other blog.

If you want loads of likes and loads of followers just tag one of your posts with a simple phrase ‘passive income’. Of course if you want to get technical the post should be about making income passively because no-one wants to use spam tags, do they?

Anyway, if you write a blog post such and tag it with those words I will guarantee that loads of people will like your blog post and blindly follow your blog. Well maybe I won’t guarantee but this has been my experience! Obviously, none of these people have actually read the blog post in question or have any interest in my blog but, like bees around a honey pot, they have swarmed around it and clicked like!

End of completely useless piece of information – well, I did warn you! I shall now insert a pretty picture for you to view! Enjoy …….

Photo by Diego Madrigal on

… and now I’m off to make a Christmas wreath out of the contents of my recycling bag!



  1. 🙂 It really makes no sense pressing the “Like” button on a post that you have never read. The perfect analogy to describe this type of behaviour is a vegan pressing the “Like” button on a fried chicken recipe; which is something they would not do if they actually read the blog post.

    Some bloggers have removed the “Like” button from their blog due to ungenuine likes.

    In my case, I cherish thoughtful comments more than likes.


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