Zazzle Journey Begins

Print on Demand on Zazzle

Selling Art Online

The other day I stumbled upon a site called Zazzle where you can upload your artwork and post your designs for sale.  The designs can be loaded onto various items such as greetings cards, mugs, coasters, prints and even leggings and shower curtains!  So, I created an account and started on the curious Zazzle journey of uploading content, placing my artwork onto an item, posting it for sale and organising my stores.  It is strangely addictive to upload your artwork and see it sitting there on a mug or on a sheet of labels.  So, currently every evening, I log on to my computer and create more and more items, which I try to tag so that potential customers can find them!

Print on Demand Earnings

Then I read the Zazzle forum which brought me down to earth…. the forum has many posts telling Zazzlers (as designers are known) that they mustn’t give up; that they need to create over 1000 products for sale before they can expect to make any sales, that the key to sales is in tagging your items correctly and perseverance.  (This is not great news for me as perseverance has always been my downfall.  If I’m not successful at something immediately I give up.)


This new ‘career’ doesn’t seem so easy on further investigation  – but you could visit my <a rel="noopener" href="http://Myhorsegatsby” target=”_blank”>Zazzle shop and see print on demand in action for yourself!

Who knows, by the time you read this I could have made my first million!

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© Michelle Le Grand

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