How to Make Money from Your Art Online: ArtWeb

Always Read the Instructions First

I’ve just signed up for an ArtWeb website!  Of course, as is my wont, I didn’t read any guidance, instructions or rules, I just clicked and off I went, uploading images left, right and centre!

First Impressions

Artweb seems to work very much like the website with a visual editor which is much the same – although one difference I have noticed is that you can add a table easily. 

You can also insert pages and add an About page. You can even add blog posts!

Why can’t we add tables in the editor?  If we can, please let me know – I would really like to add tables to my posts! 

Photo by Steve Johnson on

Getting Back to the Point..

However, the main point of the ArtWeb website is to showcase and sell your Art, so you can make money from your art online.  There are three options:


  • Free means you can upload 15 images
  • Basic collection of (beautiful) templates
  • Free domain eg.
  • Friendly customer support 24/7 (Friendly? – well I would hope so, free or not!)


  • All the benefits of the Free plan plus
  • Upload up to 25 images
  • Full collection of templates to use (beautiful, of course)
  • Fonts, colours and styles (customizable)
  • Use your own original domain name eg.
  • Artwork will be listed on


  • All the features of the Basic package plus:
  • Up to 500 images
  • Sell direct from your own online gallery with credit card and Paypal integration (easy)
  • Pinterest Rich Pin integration
  • Visitor stats
  • Mailing list functionality

Let’s Talk Money

pound coins money
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on

ArtWeb do not take any commission but you will get paid for any sales through Paypal who ‘take a transaction fee of between 3-5%.’ The cost of the plans is currently £4.79 per month for Basic and £8.13 per month for Pro and, it goes without saying, £0 for Free!! 

(However, who knows what the renewal cost will be?  This time next year I may be like a fly trapped helplessly in the sticky Artweb!)

Print Programme

I was disappointed to see that the UK Print Programme is currently closed.*  A print programme means you can easily sell prints of your work and once the customer places an order, the printing and delivering is all taken care of by the printing company partner.  Which is a simple and easy way to make money from your art online.

Unfortunately, there is no indication of when the programme will be opened again – just the advice:

‘We’re not currently accepting new submissions to the print program.  If you would like to be notified when the print program opens again, please create a free artweb account to get on the announcement list.’

* Is this to do with Brexit?

A Word About Elephants

Artweb have sent me a very nice email with the advice that you should ‘eat an elephant one bit at a time’ and that’s the way I should set up my website but – little do they know that ……


Not that I would eat an elephant of course, as that would be just wrong and also probably quite tough and would get stuck in my teeth.

Elephant Lunch
Elephant Sandwich

This is just one in a series of very useful emails that I have received from Artweb. They also offer to do a review of your website..

How Much is too Much?

So, this is my Artweb website (very much in its infancy).  So now I have three websites, two Zazzle shops (which include a nice range of vegan designs for the non-elephant eaters) and a commission to paint a wedding bouquet!

My cup (or jar of white spirits) runneth over!

(My Brilliant Online Career continues…)

But, Seriously …. ARTWEB

But seriously, if you are looking to set up a website for your art, you should SERIOUSLY consider Artweb because it may be the only website you actually need!


Didn’t like this post? Ah well, you win some, you lose some!

© Michelle Le Grand


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